June Messy Church

June 2014 Messy Church - Street Child World Cup  

Our June Messy Church was on the theme of "Streetchild World Cup"  and "I am Somebody" .  There was a reminder that we are made in God's own image and we find our true identity in Christ.

1 Corinthians 12:12-30 tells us that we are like a body with lots of different parts and it needs all the parts to work together, in order for the body to function properly.  It would look really funny and wouldn't work if it was all arms and legs!  Each body part has it's own special job to do and no part is any more important that the other.  We are like a body Jesus says - we all have a special part to play

The sale of the "Biscoitos de Maizena" (cornflour biscuits) which were made at Messy Church and the "Coxinhas" (Brazilian street food) which were pre-made by Sue Fahrer, raised £60 for Street Child World Cup.

Other activities included
  • Reading: 1 Corinthians 12 v.12-30 – We need everyone to be special at different things to make a good team:   Design your own ‘I am special’ medal
  • Finding these countries on a World Globe: South Africa, Brazil, Egypt, Kenya, Nicaragua, Philippines, Ukraine, Tanzania and Mauritius - they all have teams going to the Street Child World Cup in Brazil in 2014. We made a flag from one of these countries and to pray for the children from these countries
  • We created a house using a cardboard box, contemplating about what life would be like on the streets.  Street children often use junk materials and cardboard boxes as insulation so they can keep warm at night. 
  • Penalty shootout
  • Design own – 'everyone is special world cup football kit'
  • Making  Biscoitos de Maizena (Cornflour Biscuits).  These are light, airy, biscuits that are found in almost every supermarket and pastry shop up and down the length of Brazil.
We finished with some samba style worship based on the following poem
I am Somebody (Inspired by Revd W. H. Borders) 
"I am Somebody I may be poor But I am Somebody. I may be young But I am Somebody. I may be on the street But I am Somebody. I must be respected, Protected, never rejected. I am a child, I am Somebody Father God, you created us all in your image and you see the worth in each and every one of your children. Grant us the wisdom to see the Somebody in everybody and help us to be somebodies who make a difference. Amen.

Messy Church returns on Sunday 6th July.   More details soon...  :)